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Ian’s Old Republic Campaign

I’m working on it slowly between moving in and getting a job. So get off my back! :P

XP will be awarded for character scetches and/or backgrounds.

You guys know each other so lets introduce ourselves.

Character Generation

We will be starting at Level 4 with the standard point buy system found on page 18 of the Core Book. We are going to play a small Independent faction during one of the Army of Light (Jedi)/Brotherhood of Darkness (Sith) War (aprox 1,000 BBY [Before Battle of Yavin] this is the Darth Bane, Battle of Ruusan fight for reference).

(also this is a good resource. MOST things are okay here, but not all so anything you take is subject to GM approval)

(Also if you could let me know what you are thinking about playing so I can try to tailor some of the adventures and loot that would be very helpful)

Q: What are the starting credits for a character above 1st level?

(At level 4 this would be 24,000 credits)

A: As a very loose guideline, your wealth at any given level should be something like this: (level x [level -1]) x 2,000 credits*

( * Double this for a noble with the Wealth talent.)

This basically assumes that roughly 60% of your total income is spent on upkeep, paying rent, buying food, paying taxes, repairing equipment, getting medical care, etc. (This is a much higher rate than in D&D, where you’d only be expected to “burn” about 10% — but D&D doesn’t have an Imperial Revenue Service.)

For example, at 16th level, it should be somewhere around half a million credits.

The reason I say this is a very loose guideline, though, is that at least half of this wealth would tend to be in a non-liquid form (e.g. property, intangibles such as favors and allies, etc.). As a very rough guideline, having someone owe you a favor (i.e. one-time intervention on your behalf, not to exceed one encounter) is worth about 2,000 x CL; having a long-term ally (i.e. someone who will help you out any time they are available) is worth about 40,000 x CL x (% chance that they’re available).

Point Buy

Your character’s ability scores all start at 8. You have 25 points to spend to increase these scores, using the costs shown below. After you select your scores, apply any species modifiers.


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