It was a time of revolution.

(opening crawl opening crawl opening crawl)

Now, look at the wiki page to join this epic battle. Will you assist the forces of evil in dominating the galaxy or will the party help overthrow the Sith and bring about a Golden Age? (the party seems to have decided upon a small Independent faction working for themselves and assisting the Jedi)


Thanks to James we have a ‘party’ ship! Deck plans are in the maps tab. The base price is 38,000 for a used ship before upgrades so get in now and get first shot at the best bunk! (There is a feat [am looking for which book, or will just house-rule] that gives you 1/5 of a ship as well as monetary donations) (for now houserule: Starship Ownership – You own 1/5th of a starship (colosal or smaller). 1st level only.)

Ian's Old Republic

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